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  Board thickness:    mm

  Board material:   

  Copper thickness:    mkm

  Total number of  holes:   

  Number of different hole diameters:   

  Hole diameters smallest/largest:   / mm

  Blind VIAs:   Yes  No

  Burried VIAs:   Yes  No

  Smallest track/space width:   / mm

  Controlled impedance required:   Yes  No

  Copper Finish:   Entek   HASL   Immersion Gold  other:

  Soldermask Type/Colour:   /

  Legend/Colour:   /

  Gold Finger Requirement::   Yes  No

  Gold Finger quantity:   

  Gold Finger plating thickness:    mkm

  Electrical Test Requirment:   

  Quantity Requirment:    pcs

  Arrayed PCB Requirment:   Yes  No

  Array size:   X:  Y:  #UP: mm

  Shipment in:   Board format  Array format

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