Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Q.)

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1. Can you provide  free of charge sample boards?
Yes, we can provide sample board(s) 1-2 pcs. with free of charge when the initial order more than 200 pcs. and more than 200 dm2 . You should pay set-up charge and  shipping fee for the sample boards only. We will make production boards after you have checked your design.
If you change the design after test of your prototype, we would charge your prototype cost (inclusive set-up).

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2. How can we pay for ordered PCBs?
We prefer TT  wire transfer:
- 50% down payment by the order;
- balance payment before shipment.

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3. What is a NRE charge?
The NRE  charge (NON- RECURRING ENGINEERING) covers the cost of arranging set-up for the production of your PCB design. This is included in set-up costs and is charged when you first order a part number and for each subsequent revision, but is not required for repeat-orders unless a design change is made.

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4. What is a E-TEST charge?
Similar to the NRE  charge, the E-TEST charge covers the cost of creating the Electrical Test programming and test set-up (like so called fixture) for your PCB design. The basic E-test cost is charged when you first order a part number and for each subsequent revision, but are not required for re-orders unless a design change is made. E-test costs for actual testing work and for cases, when tests are done by "flying probe" (usually at small quantity lots) are alredy included in unit price - at initial order and at repeat orders as well.

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5. Can I place several different part numbers together on the same set of tooling and run them on the same order?
If this is needed, please provide the data files so that the different part numbers are already pre-panelized together. Also, finished boards will be routed and shipped in array form, not as single boards. Additional  engineering charge will apply if  manufacturer is requested to tool different part numbers together within the same array (if feasible).

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6. Can you send the ordered PCBs to by EMS -?
Yes, we can send your PCBs  by EMS to any place / any country. Please see the usual EMS charge to European destinations 
here. For your reference  100 dm2 of PCBs incl. packing are 3,2 4.0 kg depending from layer count and PCB design.

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7. Which kind of advantages offers your company compared with your competitors ?

You can compare different aspects, if you take your decision to co-operate with our company :

- No risk, more experience for you.

You will get within 24 hours a quote from our side in any case. This quotation means no obligation to you. Further you can place a trial order, if our offer is O.K. for you, or you can add our price information to your data bank as reference.

- We can meet your requirement.

We can do any specification of PCBs up to high-tech fine lines, blind & buried vias, high layer count, impedance control, flexible boards - at quantities starting from one piece prototype and at almost any speed requested.

- We work for you.

Our specialists with more than 15 years experience in electronics work only for you as our partners. That means we act on your behalf to protect you, starting from your order until the hand over of the end-product to you. You save money and avoid risks.

- Guaranteed quality.

You can be guaranteed that the quality of our PCBs is excellent today and will continue to improve for all technologies in future. In case of cases  - like a hidden problem even not found at our careful testing and control - well remake your order on our costs.

- Guaranteed price.

You can be guaranteed, that the price of our PCBs is in full accordance with the boards quality today and will be continuously reduced with technologies developments in future. In case of cases , for example ab unexpected material price increase, well inform you before order but never after your order confirmation.

- Full service.

You can place an order to our company not only for PCB products, but we can also offer materials for PCB production, electronic components and PCB assembly.

- We keep it simple.

You can pay your order in any currency, including your national currency.You can get also from our side an answer to any your technical questions : from simple to very complicated.

And the last but not least reason to send us your Inquiry : De nihilo nihil Nothing comes from nothing (Lucretius)-  give us a chance to show you and yours colleagues, that we can do this job better then others to your and our advantage.

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