Assembling Of PCBs

We can provide SMT assembly (by reflow soldering) and THT (DIP) assembly (by wave soldering) from sample quantity to medium scale production, also under ROHS (lead –free) requirements. PCB manufacturing & PCB assembly will be done in Shenzhen, China (both factories are ISO-9001 certified). For high end PCBA projects we cooperate with a technology - leading assembly company in Europe.


Surface Mount Technology:

  • BGA, FBGA (pitch 0,8 mm) and MBGA (pitch 0,5 mm);
  • SMT placement of chips down to 0402 (China) / 0201 (Europe) packages;

Through-Hole Technology:

  • Insertion capacity up to 45.000 components / hour.  Fully automated axial insertion.
  • Soldering: reflow - of SMT and wave soldering for THT process:
  • Lead-free assembly;
  • Double re-flow processing if required
  • Vapor solder process also available (for high density / high end PCBAs)
  • Selective wave soldering (solder robot) available (can replace manual soldering for most applications)



Main Equipment:

China plant: 6 FUJI SMT (models NXT and XP-143) Lines, with capacity 100.000 components / hour;

Europe plant: 4 SIPLACE (Siemens) Lines with capacity up to 20.000 component parts per hour each

Outgoing tests for PCB assembly:

Following tests of the assembled PCBA can be performed:

  1. basic functional test - as per clients instruction, e.g. resistance measured at pairs of test points, manually or by flying probe;
  2. in circuit test (ICT): as per client instruction response of test signal is measured manually (for sample production) or by a ICT test adapter;
  3. X-ray: control of quality of BGA solder places;
  4. AOI: control of correct assembly of components (their location, orientation).
  5. automatic tin thickness measuring before soldering.

Inquiries and Orders:

For PCBA inquiry please would you send us:

  • Inquiry sheet with the specification of PCB (example of inquiry sheet);
  • PCAD or Gerber data of PCB (in CAM350 or GERBER RS-274X format);
  • Bill of Material (BOM), which should include complete model names & brands at least for active parts like ICs and for connectors. For passive parts please provide at least the specification like: resistance / capacity, voltage, tolerance and code for size of the part – like “0402” (example of BOM);

For PCBA order please would you send us:

  • Order sheet with the specification of PCB (the same Data as in Inquiry sheet);
  • PCAD & Gerber data of PCB (in CAM350 or/and GERBER RS-274X format);
  • Bill of Material (BOM);
  • Assembly places list: model name of parts with marking of assembly place each as stipulated in notation print (example of Assembly places List)
  • Coordinates and orientation (CAO) List: of pairs ("X" & "Y" ) of coordinates iof the centre of each part, where to be located on the board), marking if topside or bottom side assembly, orientation of parts in degrees (0 / 90 / 180 / 270 degree) (example of CAO);
  • Instruction for PCBA requested test (example of instruction for PCBA E-test).

In certain cases we might need following additionally:

  • Assembly Drawing;
  • Schematic Diagram;
  • Drawings for some fabricated parts (e.g. connectors);
  • Net List and Node Count (if functional test required);
  • Specification Sheet for dimensional Data of non-standard components;
  • Solder paste stencil Gerber. We can establish such file also by ourselves on the solder mask Gerber files based.


We can provide the sourcing of active and passive components and total procurement for any set of components – passive and simple active parts are sourced by our assembly partner, integrated circuits of brands like XLILINX, Texas Instruments, ATMEL, ALTERA all original brands and originally packed, we source through authorized distributors in Europe, thus achieving an optimized total price for a required set of components.


We can provide solder paste stencils from our own production in China.

  1. any size up to 800 x 500 mm stencil blade size;
  2. stainless steel with solder paste opening precisely laser cut;
  3.  standard thicknesses 0,15  or 0,20 mm;
  4. stencil in Alu-frame set up on polyester net;
  5. stencil blades only without frame also available;
  6. manufacturing time for stencil  - 2 working days.

Cabinets (housing):

We can provide plastic and aluminium alloy cabinets as per customer’s design, incl. the building of moulding tools.

  • Material ABS, different colors;
  • Building of moulding tools;
  • Injection moulding of plastic parts;
  • Assembly of PCBAs into cabinets including cables assembly,


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